Chief Scientific Investigator – Sue Rogers

scientist-clipart-girl-scientist-with-wormSue is a primary school teacher who has always had a passion for science and technology with a love for teaching inquisitive minds on how things work.  Sue helped lead to the creation of ‘The Flash Bang Science Club” and she is our Chief Scientific Investigator. “We noticed that there wasn’t an outlet for scientific and curious children to join with like-minded souls. So we decided to create the perfect place for these young Einstein’s to come together to experiment and learn the wonders of science”


Scientific Investigator – Mica Arroyo

Mica was born and raised in Auckland on the North Shore and is currently a student at the University of Auckland, majoring in Geophysics. She has always been interested in all aspects of science and enjoys sharing these interests with the children. Her favourite part about being a tutor for The Flash Bang Science Club is watching enquiring minds and amazed reaction of the children as they take part in experiments during our classes.